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    Laboratory small dry granulator
    Model: GFZL-5

    Laboratory small dry granulatorWorking principle

        gfzl - 5The type dry granulator is the dry granulator developed by our company. It is the smallest dry granulator for laboratory research and development. It is suitable for laboratory, intermediate experimental equipment and small production. It only needs to be used in the laboratory.EightyOn the left and right, the powder can be molded. According to the principle of mechanical extrusion granulation, a dry powder or fine crystalline raw material with a certain crystalline water is extruded into thin slices, and then the size of the particles is made through a granulating system. The raw material can be added to the hopper by hand or vacuum feeder, transported and compressed by vertical feeding screw and pushed to the bite angle of the two extrusion roller; the raw material is extruded into thin sheet through the horizontal press roll (the speed of the press roller determines the time of the material to stay in the rolling area); the pressure required for the material is passed through the hydraulic device. Linear transmission to rollers, vertical arrangement of rollers can ensure consistency of material density. It is convenient to remove and clean the machine. 
    According to different granularity requirements, the sieve mesh size in the equipment granulation system can be replaced each other. The powder raw material is made directly into the granular products which meet the requirements of the user without any intermediates and additives. After granulation, the particle size is uniform, the accumulation density is increased significantly, and the fluidity is improved. It not only controls the dust flying, but also reduces the waste of powder, is convenient for storage and transportation, and can control solubility, porosity and specific surface. Product and so on. It can be used directly to press or fill the capsule.

    It is especially suitable for granulation of unstable drugs by wet granulation under wet and hot conditions. The dry granulating technology can replace the pipelining of wet granulation, save manpower, material resources and financial resources, and is a new energy saving and environmental protection device.

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    Dry granulator in laboratoryThe advantages of:

        The machine is composed of feeding mechanism, press mechanism, hydraulic mechanism, frame and electrical control. The feed, press and granulating are variable frequency speed regulation, oil pump pressure can be adjusted. The fineness of finished product can be obtained by changing different screen. Improved granulating and rotating cage can increase the yield of pellets. The machine is easy to assemble and disassemble and clean, and the contact parts with materials are made of stainless steel. Product conformityGMPRequirement. The material is added by the top feeding funnel, and then into the lower granulation room after forced extrusion of two pressure wheel into the lower granulation chamber. In the granulating room, the sheet material is broken by the granulated blade and then into the whole chamber until the particles are less than or equal to the pore size of the net, and the particles are screened through the net to the material pallet. The required particle size can be determined by adjusting the screen size.


    Dry granulator in laboratoryApplication scope:
     It is used for dry powder granulation in pharmaceutical, pesticide, food and chemical industries.

      Pharmaceutical products industry category - pharmaceutical products particles, traditional Chinese medicine granules, anti biomass capsules filled particles, anti biomass direct use particles, animal medicinal particles, powder dialysis preparation; 
    Food industry - Condiments and spicy seasonings used particles, pastry made particles, healthy food particles, convenience foods, condiments, dairy products, and health products particles 
    Chemical industry and others - cosmetics, pesticides, chemical industry pharmaceutical, animal feed, detergent.

      Ferrite, talc, porcelain, oil bearing, electromagnetic material and other metallurgical particles in the electrical and mechanical industries.

      Plastics, such as phenol, urea, melamine, epoxy resin, and other plastic molding particles.

      Chemical industry and other industrial catalysts, fertilizers, feedstuffs, pigments, cosmetics, grinding flour, various washing chemicals and other particles.


    Dry granulator in laboratoryIntroduction of the new structure:

        The design of the machine is new: water cooling system (which can be configured separately according to the heat distribution of material), electrical monitoring system, reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, no tetrafluoroethylene powder and metal material in the particles. It is well made, used in German production process, equipped with automatic feeding system, and dismantling and cleaning maintenance side. Conforms to domestic and internationalGMPThe requirements of various quality certification.

    The machine is composed of lifting, feeding, pressing, integral, hydraulic, rack, external sealing and electrical components.

     The lifting part is made up of the hydraulic lifting oil cylinder, and the feeding mechanism is raised and descended, and the position is controlled by the limit switch, and is interlocked with feeding, pressing and interlocking.

     The feeding part is driven by an electric motor, and the screw with unequal pitch is driven by the motor, and the powder is precompressed and degassed. According to the performance of different materials, the feeding speed can be stepless (frequency conversion timing).

     The compression plate is driven by the motor to drive the cycloid pin reducer, to rotate the drive shaft, and to drive the two pressure wheel to act together with the pressure, and compress the powder into a flake. According to the compressible properties of different materials, the speed of the roller can be adjusted stepless (frequency conversion speed regulation).

     The whole part is driven by the variable frequency speed motor to rotate the whole grain knife to form the sheet material into the particles needed to discharge in the mesh.

    Dry granulator in laboratoryMain technical parameters:



                   gfzl - 5

        Roller size

               Φ×w mm





        Roller speed 



        Screw speed



        Granulation speed


                   0Six hundred

       Finished grain size 


                  0.3One point five

        Pressure wheel pressure 






       Shape size

             l×w×h mm








    One hundred and twentytype




    Hopper volume



    Roll size

    200 (d) ×80 (w)

    200 (d) ×120 (w)

    Maximum pre pressure of roll



    Roller speed



    Feed speed



    Roller drive motor


    Seven point five

    Feed drive motor

    One point five

    Two point two

    Drive motor

    Zero point seven five

    Two point two

    Oil pump driving motor

    One point one

    Roller and feed speed regulation type

    Electromagnetic speed regulation

    Electromagnetic speed regulation


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