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    Laboratory small boiling granulator
    Model: OMFL-0.5

    I. working principle:

    OMFLThe multifunctional boiling granulator drier is spray drying.-Granulating-Centrifugal pellets-Fluidization coating-The machine is compatible with a variety of process operations. It is especially suitable for pelletizing, pelletizing and coating of many varieties and formulations in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Equipment uses:

    The material is suspended under the action of clean hot air (negative pressure) to form a fluidized state. The surface of the material is completely in contact with the hot air, and it is heated uniformly, thus achieving the best state of heat exchange, thus having a very high efficiency. With the appropriate spray system and the further improvement of the fluidized bed function structure, the fluidized bed spray drying pelletizing and coating characteristics are more closely displayed, that is, it becomes a multi-purpose process equipment with both drying, pelletizing and coating.

    Two, process brief:

    The granulating powder or coated granular (powder) material is put into the fluidized bed, and the cold air enters the fluidized bed from the rear heating chamber of the main engine, through the primary effect, the intermediate effect filtration, the heater is heated to the temperature required for the air inlet, and then enters the fluidized bed, and the binder for granulating is fed into the two-fluid atomizer by the infusion pump. The material is atomized and then fluidizing.

    Three, equipment characteristics:

    It integrates granulating, pelletizing and coating functions into one body. Granulation of powder material.

    Powder material coating.

    Film, enteric and slow controlled release coating of powders, pellets, pellets.

    Masking, moisture-proof, anti oxidation, waterproof, heat insulation, coloring and isolation coating.

    Four, technical parameters

    OneFeed volume0.5 - 1.0 kg /batch (boiling granulation)

    0.3-0.7 kg/batch (fluidized coating)

    TwoFan power  0.75 kw(frequency conversion timing)

    ThreeCompressed air consumption  0.4 m3 / min.

    FourElectric heating power       1.5kw

    FivePeristaltic pump flow       ≤50ml/min

    FiveElectrical control  PLC+Touch screen

    SixEquipment weight  about Three hundred and fiftyKg

    SevenSize of main engine l×w×h     about 800×600×1500mm

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