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    Laboratory low temperature spray dryer
    Model: OM-800D / OM-1000D

    Brand: Oumon


    Type: Mainly applicable, heat sensitive materials, polysaccharides, not high temperature and other materials.

    Type OM-800DLaboratory low temperature spray dryerAnd mainly applies to universities, research institutes and food pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises laboratory production of micro particles of all solutions such as emulsion, suspension has broad applicability, is suitable for heat sensitive materials such as drying of biological products, bio pesticides, enzyme preparation, macromolecular material, the spray dryer can realize spray drying at room temperature, can maintain the activity of these materials from destruction after drying and still maintain its active ingredients.

    Product characteristics:

    - color LCD touch screen display parameters: air inlet temperature / air outlet temperature / peristaltic pump speed / air / needle frequency.

    Full automatic control: one button boot, set the spray process parameters, the temperature reached a predetermined temperature, peristaltic pump start, touch screen display, the operation process is clearly displayed.

    ? with nozzle cleaner (through needle), the nozzle will be automatically removed when the nozzle is blocked, the frequency of the needle can be adjusted automatically.

    Switch off protection function: when the power off, just press the stop button, the machine fan out immediately stop running, ensure that the equipment will not because of misoperation (forced turn off fan) and heating part burned.

    ? spray drying and collection systems are made of transparent high quality stainless steel to allow the drying process to be carried out in a pollution-free environment.

    Built in imported oil free air compressor, the particle size distribution is normal, the flow is very good, the noise is very low, less than 60db.

    Two atomization structure of fluid spray, the machine is made of high quality stainless steel, compact design, no need for ancillary equipment.

    Temperature control design uses real-time control PID constant temperature control technology, so that the whole temperature zone temperature control accuracy, heating control accuracy of + 1 degrees.

    The feed quantity can be adjusted by feeding peristaltic pump, and the minimum sample quantity can reach 50ml.

    Dry powder after drying, the particle size is more uniform, more than 95% of dry powder in the same particle size range.

    Device parameter:

    The inlet air temperature control at room temperature: 80 ~ 30- (adjustable) (customizable temperature functions)

    The air temperature control: 30 ~ 60

    The evaporation of water: 600mL/H ~ 1000ml/h (OM-1000D per hour 3-5KG evaporation)

    The maximum feed rate: 1000ml/h maximum (adjustable)

    The feeding mode: peristaltic pump adjustment

    The minimum feed rate: 50mL

    The temperature control precision is + - 1 DEG

    The average drying time: 1 ~ 1.5S

    The machine power: 9.5KW /380V

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